High Performance Computing Highly Efficient Solutions for HPC

HPC Smart Solutions

Circle GEN has developed a full-immersion solution ideally suited to HPC applications. The СicleGenX technology is the most efficient method to cool the new generation of   upercomputing systems. Thanks to the smart design and the physical-chemical properties of the CigcleGenCoolant, CircleGen’s solutions allow HPC to:

Cool unprecedented IT hardware identity by uncapping thermal design limitations Environmentally-friendly use >99% of power just to run compute and not cooling Leverage Open HPC standards like OCP Achieve unrivalled TCO thanks to:

Simplified node design (no fans, basic heatsinks, simplified thermal design)

Full installed PUE <1.01 anywhere in the world (even in the harshest climates)

Simplified secondary cooling

Zero water consumption 99% of the energy is captured and you use the heat from your date

Edge Computing High Density to the Edge, no matter what

Computing and Cooling Where you Need them!

Our Edge-ready solutions guarantee high density and top performance anywhere (in a warehouse, in an office building, in the heart of a city or in a remote area with harsh-climate conditions and far from the grid).

The modular and compact design of our plug-and-use solutions allows for fast deployment in outdoor and indoor environments delivering high energetic efficiency, low latency, low maintenance, high scalability and improved connectivity.

Our CircleGenX technology combined with the Edge-ready hardware from major OEM’s brings the efficiency, the resiliency and the security of a datacenter right next to you.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Making AI and Machine Learning Even Smarter

With Our technology, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions, become even smarter and faster! Thanks to their practical, easily scalable and maintainable design, CircleGen’s solutions allow you to deploy dense AI and ML workloads without disrupting your existing datacenter infrastructure.

CircleGen helps you slash OPEX and CAPEX associated with AI/ML operations thanks to its innovative AI-in-box solutions guaranteeing:

Fast deployment of plug-and-use AI solutions anywhere (from the Edge or office locations to large scale supercomputer systems)
Minimum or no retrofitting of your facility
High efficiency and resiliency

Cloud Computing

Shifting to the Cloud Efficiently

How to deal with the increasing shift of workloads from on-premise infrastructure to the cloud and the subsequent massive energy consumption?

Leading OEM/ODM hardware partnerships
Software and financial services tailored to your needs
Immersion Cooling solutions with unprecedented economic and operational benefits. A network of channel partners with ready-to-deploy offerings

The Smartest Solution

Workloads that Make Sense

Thanks to its flexibility, modularity and scalability, Our technology allows you to deploy enterprise Blockchain workloads anywhere (from the Edge to office locations to large-scale datacenters) while guaranteeing unprecedented IT density. CircleGen’s plug-and-use solutions:

Can be easily and rapidly integrated into already existing datacenters, with minimum retrofitting or no disruption of the datacenters planning.
Allow you to achieve huge savings on OPEX and CAPEX connected to your Blockchain operations by leveraging dual-use application pools.

Rendering and Gaming
Smart Technology

Shifting to the Cloud Efficiently

Our smart technology allows you to deploy superdense enterprise Rendering and Gaming workloads with a swift and easy integration of our solutions in your datacenter.

No matter where your facility is located: CircleGen can guarantee high efficiency, fast deployment and huge savings on OPEX and CAPEX by leveraging dual-use application pools.

Install any of our plug-and-play Rendering and Gaming farms wherever you are and start enjoying the economic and operational benefits of Our technology.

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