Environmentally friendly data center

Immersion cooling is an IT cooling practice by which IT components and other electronics, including complete servers and mining equipment, are submerged in a thermally conductive coolant, which is cooled with water, which can then be used as heating for greenhouses or residential areas


Small 12U product for your office or small render farm. Power up to 50 Kw

The 48U large-format Pod dissipating > 100Kw

Advanced version of the our pod for 28 for U devices up to 100Kw


Achieve a PUE <1.05

PUE represents the ratio of the total amount of energy used by a computer datacenter facility to the energy delivered to computing equipment. Circle Gen allows you to achieve a certified PUE <1.05, to improve your datacenter efficiency even in harsh climate conditions regions.

Save 25-40% on TCO

Circle Gen allows you to save 25%-40% on your TCO, that translates into substantial savings on CAPEX (Design,Construction, IT hardware, Cables, Cooling, Piping, etc.) and OPEX (Electricity & Maintenance).

Zero waste of water

Water is an essential resource for any datacenter operations as important as electricity.With technology developed at Circle Gen, you can heat residential areas or greenhouses, thereby reducing OPEX costs. Circle Gen’s Technology guarantees zero water consumption thanks to the closed loop of the secondary cooling system, that also guarantees no corrosion and health risks (legionella) and avoids any water evaporation.

Save 95% on cooling OPEX

In a datacenter, about 40% of the electricity is used for the cooling system. Our technology allows to save up to 95% on cooling OPEX (corresponding to about 50% of the electricity bill). With Circle Gen’s solutions, you get highly efficient primary and secondary cooling systems. Besides, your servers consume less since they do not need fans.

Speed deployment

Thanks to their modular design, Circle Gen’s solutions can be deployed anywhere: in an already existing datacenter, at the Edge, in a warehouse, in an office or even outdoors. The all-in-one technology by Circle Gen brings unprecedented IT density, high efficiency, low latency and ability to recycle heat efficientlyright were you need it.

+50% in HW life-span

One of the most immediate benefits of Circle Gen’s Immersion Cooling solutions is the prolonged life-span of the hardware. The Our Coolant cools and protects the servers in a particulate-free environment, with no whiskers, no moving parts, etc.

>50 kW of compute density

Thanks to their design and the use of a proprietary dielectric coolant specifically designed for single phase Immersion Cooling,Circle Gen’s solutions guarantee unrivalled density. Deploying our CircleGen technology allows you to dissipate >50 kW (and more, depending on the configuration).

-80% in HW failure rate

The Our Coolant, the dielectric proprietary fluid used in Circle Gen’s solutions, apart from whisking heat away from the cores, protects the servers and their components from dust, particles, abrupt changes of temperature and moisture, prolonging the HW life-span.

Design your own datacenter!

Find the difference between an air-cooled data center and the Eco-friendly data center designed by Circle Gen.

Save money

Your data center saves you money every day with a healthy heat recovery system, thanks to which you can heat residential areas, farms and any infrastructure where heat is needed.

Save ecology

The overall PUE of our solution is 1.02. It's just incredible. You can fully harness the power of electricity and channel it into server performance and scale

Save energy

Another advantage of ours is that our technology is 100 percent scalable. You can deploy a data center anywhere in the world and even in the most extreme weather conditions. The average sweep time of the data center is 5 days.


Circle Gen's technology allows the data center to be deployed using immersion cooling anywhere in the world or in an existing data center. Our solution has its advantages over standard air cooling


Thanks to our technology and experience in building high performance data centers, we can replace your 5 server risers with just one Circle Gen. The performance will not only be the same, but also increase by 40%, but the consumption of electrical energy will decrease by 30%


Your data center will not waste heat into the environment. Becouse our technology is completely environmentally friendly. You do not waste water, because water circulates in a closed circuit all the time


Inovation data center

Together with partner companies, us in our advantages (reduced cost and construction time), we offer interested organizations the const ruction of data centers for their tasks. We can also place a mobile data center from 30 from apt. meters with an energy consumption of 400 kW.

Extreme climatic conditions

You now do not need to think about climatic conditions to host your data center, as we at CIRCLEGEN create date centers anywhere in the world and in any, even the most extreme climatic conditions. And we can be proud of our technologies, because they are 100% environmental and do not harm nature.

Mobile Data Center

Circle Gen developed advanced portable container like Mobile Data Center unit called CG SmartBox, CG and smart infrastructure for data center. Which can be transported around the world and deployed at any energy source. It is the only right choice for mobile data center

Wasted energy solution

Associated gas is produced from the reservoir together with the oil. Today, flaring and venting continue in locations where local markets and gas transportation infrastructure are lacking. Circle Gen uses gas electric generators to convert associated gas into electricity, then electricity is used onsite for data center, AI training and etc.

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